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STICKY BUMPS  Sticky BumpsThe best surf wax? Hard to say. This stuff is made in Carlsbad CA, USA. This is high quality stuff. I like the way it smells and it remains sticky for a long time. They’ve got a killer list of sponsored surfers:

Sticky Bumps on Best Surf Wax

David Rastovich – Alana Blanchard – Bethany Hamilton – Christian Wach – Leila Hurst – Carlos Coco Nogales – Nathan Carroll – Dylan Goodale – Lucas Angulo – Asaya Aymara Brusa – Bailey Nagy – Christian Yeager – Erik Baldwin – Guillermo Satt – Victor Rosario – Issac Wood – Jesse Timm – Ke’ale Chung – Kody Kerbox – Jimena Ochoa – Karina Petroni – Dorian Blanchard – Rochelle Ballard – William Sue-A-Quan – Megan Abubo – Danny Melhado – Darian Boyle – Matthieu Thibaud – Cesar Petroni – Martin Passeri – Josh Holland – Brian Haag – Colin Richardson

Sticky Bumps originated in 1967 by John Dahl in order to get the water off the board faster. His focus was also to provide great traction.

At the time, developments in board construction were leading the industry to create new innovations. When John Dahl applied his new wax, he found that it made small bumps on the surface of the board which are now known as, “sticky bumps’. That is where the name sticky bumps came from.


Sex Wax on Best Surf Wax

Mr. Zoggs Sex Wax is world famous surf wax.  This is the most well known surf wax. In Point Break, Keanu Reeves character said it was the best surf wax, but what does he know? Sex Wax has got to be the most well known name in surfing outside of Kelly Slater. Here is a list of their sponsored surfers:

Blake Howard, Connor Coffin, CJ Nelson, Dillon Perillo, Cory Arrambide, Mary Osborne, Henry Mills, Dane Zaun, Mike Detemple, Cole Robbins, Brett Robbins, Andrew Doheny, Nat Young, Tyler Anderson, Adam Lambert, Kolohe Andino, Oliver Parker

Sex wax performs great and you can slap that sticker on the bumper of your car and make the old folks blush. They actually have a host of other sexual innuendo loaded products like surf wax combs and hockey stick wax.

Famous Surf Wax

Famous on Best Surf WaxFamous Surf Wax – I really like these guys because the gave me 4 free blocks of surf wax when I was surfing on the Gold Coast on day.  It came at an excellent time because I was impoverished from over avoiding work for surfing in expensive Australia.  The company is based in Carlsbad, CA.  They focus on high performance wax and having a killer team. Their team consists of:

Nate Tyler, Kalani David, Chris Friend, Timmy Curran, James Wood, Dustin Barca, Nathaniel Curran, Kekoa Bacalso, Perth Standlick, Cheyne Magnusson, Josh Benjoya, Kilian Garland, Matt Myers, Shaun Burns, Eric Tomlinson, Takayuki Wakita, Pascal Stansfield, Matt Rockhold, Yasuyuki Sugiura and Duran Barr

Famous makes great wax, but they also do traction pads, board bags, leashes, apparel accessories.

 Bubble Gum Surf Wax

Bubblegum on Best Surf Wax
Bubble Gum – Another long time industry favorite.  It was inspired from the days when kids would run around on the coast with a pocket full of bazooka bubble gum. From what I can tell, they have the all stars on their team:

Mick Fanning, Kelly Slater, Rob Machado, Owen Wright

It all began in 1984 in Leucadia, California when Britt and Grant Galland invented the stuff and threw it out on the market. Bubble Gum also has products like board bags, sun screen, surf racks, traction pads, leashes fins and a whole host of other stuff you can check out.


Matunas on Best Surf WaxMatunas Biodegradable Eco-Friendly Surf Wax – Matunas is 100% natural and organic surf wax.  It performs better than the other waxes on the market, which have chemical and paraffin bases. They have an elite group of surfers on their team:

Jason “Ratboy” Collins, Granger Larsen, Julie Cox, Peter Mendia, Cory Lopez

At Matunas the guys have been creating products since 1998. They actually use ingredients which they grow on their farm in the hills of central California. These guys use recycled paper to package their wax, as well as 100% natural ingredients that they grow on their farm.

They made a few other organic products on their farm that I whole heartedly recommend. They have these beautiful coconut candlesair-fresheners, and lip-balm.

Theses guys get my vote as the BEST SURF WAX COMPANY!

Mrs. Palmers

Mrs. Palmers on Best Surf WaxMrs. Palmers Surf Wax was the stuff I used when I was learning to surf in Australia. Everyone there says that it is good stuff, and I can’t deny it. It helped me get to the level that I’m at now, plus the cardboard box is good for keeping the wax clean when you store it in your van on a hot day.
Mrs. Palmers doesn’t have a team though. It’s really challenging to even find any information at all about them.
Bottom line, they make good wax.

Surf Organic

Samoa based Australian Organic on Best Surf Wax

Though I’ve never been able to get my hands on the wax made by Surf Organic, I really can’t wait to one day give it a try. They’ve got beautiful marketing, they contribute to 1% for the planet and they just seem really, really cool.
Hat tip to Jeremey for the Heads up. 🙂

We are Seeking the Best Surf Wax

If your company is making the world’s best surf wax, please leave a comment with a link to your stuff below. We will get in contact with you and feature your wax if it really does rank with the best.

Also, if you have any insight on which surf wax is the best, please let us know in the comment section.

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  1. Want some samples of THE best wax on earth? Drop us a line! We’ll ship some over to you and you cando some comparisons for us 🙂 We’ve been told its the best andittook 8 years to develop it so… You be the judge!

  2. How’s things , love famous surf wax all my surfing is done on the west of Ireland nice and cold almost all year round and I think the famous is the best weapon to keep you stuck to the board even if you can,t feel your toes

  3. The very finest retro surf wax available in the world! Hand mixed and poured, this wax pays special homage to the great and much missed purple ‘Waxmate’ surf wax circa 1967 – 1974.

    Same colour, size and fragrance, our wax guru as truly blended something special, so whether you are recapturing your youth or looking for something unusual, this wax will make you smile!

    We are often asked if retro surf wax is as grippy as modern wax…well check those old guys throwing around 40lb logs and go figure!

  4. Please let me know if your wax is NOT in the museum! I am happy to pay for all costs involved to get it in the museum. Even older waxes with different labels, test pieces, promos, private labels, etc. cheers!!!

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