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Best Surf Wax for Hawaii

When Surfing in Hawaii you will either want Tropical Wax or Warm Water Wax, depending on the season.

In the summer on the South Shore there are days where it is hot as can be. On the North Shore in the winter it can get colder. It depends on the currents whether you should be using a warm water top coat.

Because of the shifting water temperatures in Hawaii, I recommend a warm water coat over your base coat. Then do a tropical wax coat if you’re not getting the traction you need.

Going surfing in Hawaii this winter? Get some warm water wax mailed to you.

Going surfing in Hawaii this summer? Get some tropical water wax mailed to you.

Whats the best surf wax for hawaii

What’s the Best Surf Wax for Hawaii?

If the above message didn’t clear it up for you I can elaborate with a quick breakdown of the surfing conditions on the island of O’ahu.

O’ahu basically has four basic sections:

  • The Windward Side – This is the east side and it has surf but it’s probably the worst on the island. Mind you, that’s still pretty good. It’s often windy
  • The Leeward Side – Essentially the west shore. this place has great surf but it’s also the best place to get beat up.
  • Honolulu and Ala Moana – These are the picturesque beaches you see that over look the city and Diamond head. This place has very consistent long boarding and a few great waves all around. It takes off in the Summer.
  • The North Shore – This is the world class spot that goes bananas in the winter. Some of the best surfing in the world in my humble opinion

But what’s the best surf wax for Hawaii?

Ok all three of these places will fluctuate between having optimal conditions for warm water wax and tropical water wax.

Instructions for being prepared for anything in regards to the best surf wax for Hawaii:

  1. Put down a thin base coat. Base coats are important for optimal wax layers
  2. Add a thin layer of cold water wax to the base coat.
  3. Travel to Hawaii
  4. Feel the water ->
    1. If you need a wetsuit top -> Go for the warm water wax
    2. If you’re stoked on the board-shorts -> Go for the tropical water wax (I like the coconut)

Best Surf Wax for Bali – Also, Tips from a Bali Surfing Expert

When surfing in Bali you want tropical surf wax.

It’s hot as hell down there and the water hardly even cools you down.

It’s great. Support the blog and save yourself time, get some mailed to you.

What is the Best Surf Wax for Bali


Best Surf Wax for Bali


For you California and New York surfers, this tropical wax will seem like it is forged from iron when you get it to your house. You’re going to need it though because that cold water stuff will melt in your surf bag and be there for the rest of time if you take it down to Bali.

Sound like I’m telling you a personal story? Yeah, it happened to me. Take my word for it, the best surf wax for Bali is tropical wax.

Get out of Kuta as fast as you can. Actually, take a taxi from the airport to a spot in Uluwatu or Padang Padang. Once you get there, there will be places to rent motorbikes. Rent a motorbike with a surfboard rack as soon as you can. The swell shifts all around the peninsula all the time and you want to be able to jump on a bike in Ulu Watu and head over to Nusa Dua when the waves are over there. It also makes exploring a lot more fun when you’re not surfing.

If you’re stuck on the swell-less side, it doesn’t matter what the best surf wax for Bali is, you’ll be doing more canoeing than surfing. And there aren’t and canoes around.

We got our bike for something like $2 a day. It’s best if you rent for a week/month and you can bargain them down a lot. We gave them a passport but that didn’t bother us too much. The guy seemed trustworthy.

It all worked out in the end too.

More than Just The Best Surf Wax for Bali

Where to Stay:

Best Surf Wax info - Gday at Bali Rocks I’ve got some more tips for you. We had the best times of our lives at a place in Padang Padang called Bali-Rocks.

It’s a building chilling out on the cliffs above the ocean. I don’t know how it all stays together, but it’s still there so it must be safe. At night the ocean crashes against the cliffs and you can feel it shake the building. The tides were huge when we where there.

Something Cultural to Do:

Make sure to check the sunset monkey temple dance at Ulu Watu. These Indios must have been the inspiration for the movie Avatar because it’s so close to that last scene. It’s worth a trip. You’ll have to rent a sarong because it’s a religious thing in a monkey temple.

Oh yeah, beware the monkeys. They are not your friend.

You got more than just “What is The Best Surf Wax for Bali”

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Surf Wax Remover

Do it Yourself Surf Wax Remover

To make your own surf wax remover you need the following ingredients:


1. Scissors

2. Foam Dust

3. Pantyhose


1. Get surf board dust from your local shaper

2. Buy some panty hose from a drug store or something

3. Make them by cutting 4 inches from the legs of pantyhose

-Tie up the end of the cut pieces

-Pack the dust into the pieces of panty hose

-Tie it off on the other side

-Cut it off

4. Scrape the wax off your surfboard with a scraper

5. Use your new portable scraper to get rid of everything else

No Time? Just Buy One

You can get a the Pickle from TeamChow in Hawaii.

They are made of recyclable material and work just as good as the one you made out of your mom’s socks and the rubbish from the stoned surfboard shaper down the road.


Big thanks to Jake Moss, Team Chow and for the video that shows how to do it on your own.

Wax Bumps Explained

Understanding Surfwax Bumps/Humps

The First Coat

Old Wax BumpsWhen you get a new surfboard, the first coat of wax will go on with a smooth finish. I really enjoy this first “smooth wax” surf session because it feels good to surf on a brand new board. The truth is that it’s not quite as grippy that first surf. You might rub off some of the wax in the process.

The rubbing of the wax across the smooth surface will consolidate it into spots on your board. After a few surfs, these humps will get more and more pronounced. This build up of wax gives you developing bumps (or humps.)

How the Surf Wax Bumps Help

As the bumps develop on your board, you will get more and more grip. The more wax that you apply, the more pronounced the bumps get. Bumps are great because they provide a really grippy surface that your feet (or booties for the cold water guys) will stick to in tight situations

Bumps add physical friction, but they also create an adhesive and surface area which provide the surfer with even greater traction. The larger surface area allows you to apply even more generous applications of surf wax which allows you to really grip the board.

When the Bumps Get too Big

Old Wax HumpsAs you enjoy more and more surf sessions your wax will start to develop a life of it’s own. The color of the wax will begin to darken due to particulates from the ocean, dead skin from your feet and sun exposure on the molecular make up of the wax. This will begin to become unsightly, but you will really notice the difference when the wax gets really bad.

After a few months of increasing wax spoilage and gime, the surfboard will begin to disappear behind a layer of nasty wax. The main problem with this is that the broken down/grimy wax will fail to adhere as well as fresh wax.

This is the point where it’s important to scratch all the wax off and use a pickle to get your board back to naked. 🙂

Getting Barreled in Bali, Indonesia

I’ve recently found a savage love for surfing. In 2010 I challenged myself to learn to surf. I started by moving to Australia and living in a place where I could surf every day. Almost exactly a year later I found myself surfing a big day in Bali, Indonesia.


The waves here are steep and fast. When they break they crash so quickly that they create a cave of turbulent flying water.

One of the best tricks in the surfing world is surfing into one of these mad turbulent caves and shooting out the mouth of it before the wave can eat you.

This mad person’s trick is called, “getting barreled.”

I got barreled that day in Bali, Indonesia. It was one of the best feelings of my life.

Big Scary Waves Don’t Mean Death: They Are Just More Fun

Evan Geiselman Attacks Teahupoo, Tahiti

Taking it back to Teahupoo again this week. You may remember that last week I wrote a piece asking you if you had the balls to go there. I’m happy to see the video above this week. Evan Geiselman tells his quick story about growing up in the small waves of Florida but how he is transitioning into a well rounded surfer. To make himself more well rounded, he’s attacking one of the biggest scariest waves in the world, Teahupoo.

First off, I’m really impressed with Geiselman’s confidence and modesty at such a young age. This guy has a lot of poise to be discussing where his surfing is at. I love watching the progression through this videos shots.

The first wave he drops in on, he is just way to deep. It’s awesome the way his commentary just pushes through the haggardness of that wipeout. Throughout my quick and passionate surfing life, I’ve found that the surfing community seems to over-exaggerate the intensity of wipeouts.

Are Wipeouts Really that Bad?

Big Scary Waves Evan GieselmanWipeouts are absolutely intense like nothing else in this world! There is nothing like being completely ragdolled and losing all sense of what is up and what is down. You start thirsting for air before you’re done thrashing around uncontrollably underwater. But all good surfers know to just relax and take the beating at this point. At some point, the thrashing stops and you reach down, grab your leash to acertain which way is up (with luck, your surfboard is trying to float) and pul yourself out.

To be honest, I think my old rugby tackles hurt more than the worst surfing accidents. At rugby one day, I tried to tackel this big ass Tongan guy. This dude was much faster than me, much stronger than me, and he had a shit ton of momentum. I just got low and went for the hero points. I saw the tongan drop his shoulder and BANG! Thats all I remember of that.

I opened my eyes and looked up to the sky. That hurt like hell and I almost puked afterwards. That was one of many rugby haggard incidences while playing that bat-shit crazy game.

The worst wipe out I ever had was out at Sunset Beach, on the North Shore of O’ahu. It was a day where people were calling it 12 foot hawaiian which is god damned big. I had a 6’4 surfboard and was having a hell of a time keeping up with the monsters. My strategy was to take off early, but the wave that I went for was a left, rather than the conventional right that hits sunset.

I later learned that going left out at Sunset ment I was surfing a break called “boneyards.” Anyways, I tried taking off too late, got tossed ass over head and pummeled by this wave more than I’ve ever gotten pummeled before. It felt like the wave was the hand of god shoving me deep into the ocean. I hit the reef, and the wave just crushed me into it. Like god was using his palm to just massage me into the coral.

The truth is, it didn’t hurt too much. I was a bit afraid that I was too deep to survive, but in the moment, there is no reason to think that. I just relaxed and waited for the chance to come back up.

The pressure realeased, and I tugged at my leash to pull me up to the surface.

Escaping Crazy Dangerous WavesWhen my leash led to my board, I grabbed at the board, but quickly learned that it had been ripped off by the tail. Less surfboard means less buoyancy so it took longer to get to the surface. In fact I got there just in time to take a much needed gasp of air. Then another big ass wave hit me. Repeat this process about 6 times and I was still struggling to get out.

Despite the cut skin and the stretched out lungs, I felt fine rocking up to the beach. It was a god damned adventure.

The point of all of this is this: Surfing isn’t that dangerous.

It’s just a hell of a lot of fun.

What do you think?

Exciting Waves in Tahiti: Another Post Unrelated to Surf Wax

God DAMN this is exciting! Look at that mad wave.

If you got the chance to go out there and surf this wave with these guys, would you take it? Lets say, Kelly Slater thought you were funny and wanted to take you to Tahiti with him. He was going to put it all on the Rip Curl tab. You didn’t have to pay a dime, your flights, accommodation, food would all be covered. Plus you would get a bit of swag out of it. A hat a surfboard and maybe some cool shoes. The catch, you had to escape one of these crazy ass barrels in teahupoo. If you could catch one, you had to get eaten by a few of them just for the show and the camera action.


Do you think you could handle being in the break zone of that behemoth wave?

It must be pretty quiet out there before the monsters attack. The water is still in the hot afternoon tahitian sun. The view is stunning and it’s so easy to see through the water that you have to dive down to check to make sure you’re deep enough.

Then the monsters roll in and your balls pull up inside your body. Holy hell….

Maybe you would say to Mr. Kelly Slater, “uh, I’m not sure bro… I think I’ll have to pass on that one, I value my life a little too much….”

The best surfers in the world talk about this place like it is the dragons lair. There must be some scary stuff going on for these guys to be talking about this spot with such respect and trepidation.

I don’t know about you fools, but I want to try. It’s not often you hear about people dying out there. I’m the sort that would like to experience the Teahupoo Ragdoll Effect once in my life. Of course, I’d rather escape it in stylish order by running through a cave of turbulent rocket water, but who knows if I could pull that off.

I sure as hell would say to Kelly, “lets do it. I’ll either escape straight through the mouth of one of those things, or at least the wipe out roll will be god damn spectacular!”

It’s an exciting video these Billabong guys put out. They never seize to impress with great editing, killer waves, excellent surfers and good back ground tunes.

Big Mahalo for keeping the madness at full steam.

Rip Curl 2012 Padang Padang, Bali – Unrelated to Surf Wax

Padang Padang beach is my number one place, in the world, to surf. I loved my time staying here more than anywhere I’ve ever stayed in my entire life. This is saying a lot too.

I’ve lived in Hawaii, California, Australia and South Africa and they all have fantastic surf. There is something about Bali, something so intensely exotic, that keeps me wanting more. This video captures a bit of exotic Bali. You see a shot of a kecak dance and some of the traditional women dancing. These are incredible performances that the Balinese put on. I am just wrapped up in awe when exposed to their rich culture. I’ll have to share my love for this place, even if this website is supposed to be focused on surf wax.

Padang Padang Surf Wax BlogBali is littered with little offerings to the gods. These offerings are a banana leaf tray filled with crackers, flowers, rice and other things to appease the gods. They leave some of the offerings up high for the good spirits, while the offerings left on the ground are ment to appease the evil spirits. These offerings are everywhere, you end up stepping on them by accident no matter how careful you are. I think this adds to the magic of each day there.

The surf is just fantastic as well. Steep fast waves that break over shallow beautiful reefs.

Generally, when you look back to land from the water, Bali is a long horizon of cliff-sides. It’s a rich with the texture and contrast of cliffs and forests. While I was there, there was a wave to be found every day. I ended up surfing myself nearly to death. My schedule was that of dreams:

  • Wake up before the sun rose to ride a motorcycle to the swell side
  • 3 hour early-morning surf session
  • Big cheap breakfast, overlooking the waves
  • 4 hour mid morning surf session
  • big fat lunch and a siesta with the waves breaking to lull me to sleep
  • evening session until the sun disappears in the furnace like sunset
  • Beers and friends on the beach

This is the lifestyle I would love to get back to. Too bad everyone has to spend some time working.

Thanks very much for reading this website devoted to surf wax.

🙂 – Billy

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One Week In Australia: Surfing and Riding Horses

The Greatest One Week Australian Surf Vacation

One Week In AustraliaYamba has everything you could dream of if you want to have an Australian vacation. If you’ve got one week in Australia and you want to make the most out of your trip, I say you stay in one place, Yamba, NSW.

What makes Australia badass?

  • Surfing
  • Kangaroos
  • The Outback

You can get all these things in Yamba and you can enjoy the most picturesque Australian lifestyle. This is the Australian lifestyle outside the Surfer’s Paradises and the Sydneys. Yama is the best place in Australia to spend a week. Here are my recommendations.

What to do while in Australia

Getting There

  • Yamba is out of the way.
  • First off you must fly into Brisbane International Airport.
  • When you arrive in Brisbane, take the train system to Surfers Paradise
  • When you get to Surfers Paradise you will need to bus to the Grey Houd Station
  • At the Grey Houd Station, take a bus towards Byron Bay
  • Don’t get off in Byron Bay, make sure you are on a bus that is going to Yamba
  • The Bus will go out of it’s way to get to Yamba
  • The Bus will drop you off very near to the YHA in Yamba
  • Enjoy your god damned time!

Things to Do

There are three things to do in Yamba
  • Party at your hostel and at the Pub overlooking the surf
  • Learn to surf
  • Ride horses in the old Jackaroo style with the best people in the land!

Do To Get The Most From Your Australian Adventure

If you’re headed to Australia, make the most out of this adventure. Ride horses and learn to surf. There is nothing more Australian than these things.

With Love,


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